Friday, April 13, 2007


Zionism is now a "four letter word." This came about because anti-Zionists have used it extensively in slogans like "Zionism is Racism."  Real Zionists became ashamed of the word "Zionism," and decided that it was outmoded, while a few extremists adopted the term to apply only to themselves - advocates of Greater Israel, supporters of Rabbi Kahana and apologists for Yigal Amir (assassin of PM Rabin).

This blog entry about Zionism  from Fresno Zionism spells it out. Someone actually told the blogger:
...your blog is really interesting…but don't you think calling it Fresno Zionism turns off a lot of possible readers?"  
The result of the villification of "Zionism" is evident when you search Google for the keyword "Zionism." A lot of the pages that Google displays are anti-Zionist or anti-Semitic, because real Zionists are often afraid to use the word.
As Fresno Zionism writes, calling the blog "Zionism" is meant to make a point:
to take ownership of the concept of Zionism from those who use it as a term of abuse.
He also notes:
What I'm struggling to do is in effect to say "This is a Zionist point of view" (not the Zionist point of view, a Zionist point of view).
That is a very important point as well. Those who are presenting Zionism need to do it proudly, but to make it clear that they are usually representing their own view of Zionism, not "Zionism."
Ami Isseroff

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