Sunday, March 18, 2007

A vision for Palestinian independence

The Lebanese patriot Charles Jalkh has this advice for Palestinians. It is certainly good advice, whatever the source. There are Palestinians who, like Gandhi, advocate non-violence. But they advocate non-violence as an additional technique, not as a central moral value. In the morning we blow people up, and if that doesn't work then we can have a sit down strike. They also advocate non-violence to further immoral and evil goals, such as genocide and destruction of another state. Non-violent demonstrations in support of the rights of child-molesters are not "moral" just because they are non-violent.
He writes:
The world in this 21st century is attentive to the sufferings of people, but is much more repulsed by acts of violence committed in the name of the "oppressed".
It is a noble moral stance. Actually, the world in the 21st century is much more attentive to the sufferings of people who blow up others, than they are to the sufferings of real victims in Darfur and Tibet and East Congo.
Ami Isseroff

The Shortest Path to an Independent Palestine
By: Charles Jalkh (Freedom Fighter)
March 19/07

Back in the 20th century, one man, inspired hundreds of millions to march proudly, unarmed, peacefully, and stoically, into hails of police batons and sometimes bullets, to demand freedom. The Indian nation rose en masse, in peaceful civil disobedience, forcing the end of the British occupation. Mahatma Gandhi shamed the brutal "civilized" world into withdrawal. He did not incite a revolution nor carried arms, yet planted a seed for humanity and showed by example, that freedom can be achieved through peaceful means.

The Palestinian people can also achieve their dreams of a dignified life if they adopt similar peaceful means instead of blowing up humans in buses, discotheques, and pizza parlors. In this 21st century, the pen is indeed mightier than the sword, or perhaps, the pen is the sword. A flower is far more effective than a Kassam rocket. The power of conviction through peace is mightier than all armies.

Humanity today listens to a lower frequency than the one broadcasted by the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah. Humanity is more interested in global issues, climatic changes, planetary resource sustenance, peace, order, neighborly civilized conduct, economic progress, social justice, the welfare of all humans, and the enlightenment of the individual.

 The people of the world would be much more sympathetic, if Palestinians, families and children, old and young, descend to the Gaza beaches on a cool pink summer sunset, armed with candles and prayers, to demand liberty and offer genuine peace. The world would then light a billion candles for peace for the tortured Palestinian and Israeli people. Humanity would pray for the souls of all victims of these futile wars, and to honor the living, Palestinians and Israelis alike. For a Soul bares no nationality in the eyes of the Loving God.

Another great historical example is dramatized in the Armenian tragedy. One and a half million Armenians were massacred at the hands of the Ottomans in 1915, many more exiled throughout the Middle East and the four corners of Earth, while what's left of their homeland got absorbed by the Soviet Union. Yet, the Armenians rose from underneath the ashes, as a powerful cultural and economic civilization throughout the world. The Armenians did not carry arms. They enlightened the world with music, poetry, art, inventions, commerce and sciences. And today, Armenia is free without firing a single bullet. Similarly, the shortest path to an independent Palestinian state is through peace, and the fastest way to peace, is through the Love of all life. There is no "holy land"; only Mother Earth and human life are precious and holy.

Twenty or thirty years into a peace, it would not matter much what geographical boundary your state controls. Through treaties, trade, and cultural exchanges with neighboring nations, your citizens would feel right at home in a larger geographical human extent. Observe how an Italian, a Lithuanian, or a French feels today in the EU, with the freedom to travel, to engage in business, even buy property in any of the union states. Frontiers become irrelevant between humanistic democracies. What matters, is human freedom and dignity. This is the essence of the western civilization. It does not mean losing your cultural peculiarity. It means contributing uniquely to a larger fragrant bouquet of cultures. For we are all roots to the tree of Life, and any weak root, diminishes Mother Life for all.

The world in this 21st century is attentive to the sufferings of people, but is much more repulsed by acts of violence committed in the name of the "oppressed". The cruelest of all oppressions however are ignorance, delusion, hatred, and the refusal of peace. The Palestinians can reenter the conscience of humanity when they lay down their arms, make true peace with Israel, and turn their attention towards healing their nation and lifting their people into a new age, a New Palestine, living side by side with its Semitic cousin Israel.

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